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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Page 4, Star Weekender, January 19, 2008
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Sarong Party My Brown Ass

Welcome to our globalised world

I saw this article in the newspaper and told myself I have two options – I could let it slide or I could say my two cents opinion. Those who know me will not be surprised when I say serves the bloody bitch right.

Go prostrate yourself before the great white man. Go rub your friends and family’s noses in the fact of his light melanin. Oh look everyone! I am sooo superior to you because I have the metro sexuality to be with the white race!

I’ve achieved every dumb Asian girl’s dream, the ‘must have’ de rigueur designer toy white boyfriend-in-tow.

I hate hypocrites. I hate bloody kwai lohs who prey on Asian girls because these stupid girls are easily impressed with some scrap of attention from the great white man. Stupid stupid girls. You should see them in Hard Rock Cafe, fighting for the white man's attention. Bloody pathetic.

In the rare event that you have never heard of this term before, let me start by educating you on what a sarong party girl is. Usually decked out in black, the SPG is typically an attractive Asian girl who sports waist length jet black hair and maintains her brown skin by sun tanning on the beach during the weekends.

In a nutshell, she is the complete opposite of a Caucasian woman. She despises local men, and will only go out with you if you are white, rich and well, just white. Many young and beautiful Asian girls have been spotted at pubs canoodling with white men. Never mind that the men are fat, balding, and openly drooling.

To put it simply, if you are white, you get lucky. Many people see the image of a sarong party girl as being synonymous with a high-class prostitute that offers her company for a payoff. The tradition of the White colonization of the weaker Asian nations is still very much alive, as played out by the observation of the scene.

The modern day sarong party girl however, has discarded that old image and gone through a revamp greater than the land where our former Bukit Bintang Girls School stood. She has a career, can sometimes be a fanatic of skin whitening products and goes after white men aggressively.

You are more likely to find her in the golden triangle and Bangsar, and she certainly owns a more creative wardrobe of varied colours. Everyone knows that the skimpy all black outfit is so last year. However, the one thing that will never change is the white men that accessories this new generation of sarong party girls.

You might then ask yourself, what do these girls find in white men that they cannot find in the local guys? The most typical responses we hear from these women are that white guys have bigger everything.

1. White men have bigger wallets, bigger cars, bigger houses and more maids

2. White men are more out-going and fun, while local men are boring and stingy. In fact, most locals would still be living with their parents till they got married.

3. White men are more proactive in going after women. Local men shy away in fear of rejection.

4. With bigger builds and a swaggering macho feel to them, white men perhaps provide a better
sense of security to women.

5. Last but not least, and possibly the most important factor of all, white men have bigger
schlongs than us.

All white-worshipping women out there take note.

Please do not confuse yourselves - I am not referring to serious relationships and inter-marriages. I am referring to Asian girls allowing themselves, nay indeed gladly maneuvering themselves to be picked up and getting bonked by whitey in the name of love and a better quality of life in the white man's land.

Serves the bloody bitch right.

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Ahem! Sounds like you're not getting any.
- white man
well, if you keep spanking that monkey which girl is gonna bonk you?
-kwei loh
You are absolutely right about Asian girls. Its disgusting the way they throw themselves at the white mans feet. - Regina
I'm white and handsome and hung like a horse. What do you expect me to do when they make it sooo easy? They practically unzip me there and then and guide me in...
- Asian Girl Whisperer
there are so many immature, insecure and sensitive people out there that I've had to moderate comments and replies to protect their delicate sensibilities.
SPG...hurtful but true. but God works in mysterious ways and he is making me live every single day getting a tan for my hubby ;)
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