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Monday, August 02, 2004

Violence begets violence. We need an intelligent, long term solution.  Posted by Hello
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Those of you living in Malaysia will have been inundated with an avalanche of even more bad news this past week than is usual – rapes, robberies, senseless killings, a murdering father, suicides et al.

Why, in just a 24-hour period from last Friday to Saturday, there were 4 major tragic cases in the news: A father hung himself after strangling his three children, a grandmother battered to death in Kajang, a man beaten to death in Puchong after a staring match with a group of illegal immigrants, and a teenage courting couple killed after being robbed.

Welcome to the new breed of the ugly Malaysian, people.

The ugly Malaysian is arrogant, rude, prone to violence at the snap of a finger, has absolutely no respect for human life and will not hesitate to simply take what he wants by force. He travels in packs and thinks might is right.

Getting a hard-on after seeing a nice young girl? No problem. Call up a coupla friends and rape her lah. While you’re at it, why not wring her neck as well for added excitement?
If her boyfriend stands up for her, kill him too. Remember Darren Kang?
Broke? Need money? No problem. Snatch handbag lah.
Need more money? No problem. Rob petrol station / 7-11 lah.
Need serious money? No problem. Hire a gun and rob a bank lah.
No guts to rob? No problem. Become a conman lah.

It doesn’t help matters that our illegal immigrant population is at an all time high. It is a fact that these people commit crimes like smuggling goods, robberies, rapes, gang fights and snatch thefts. It is also a fact that they have no problems getting an identity card. Malaysia Boleh mah, at the right price.

Our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is one smart dude. He quickly called a press conference and made a statement voicing his concerns over the rising spate of violent crimes, and calling for the setting up of a think-tank to curb this scourge. His fast reaction and admission of the problem instead of the traditional Malaysian reaction of sweeping dirt under the carpet allowed him to dodge a major political bullet and bought his administration some time to deal with the issue. Like I said, smart dude.

The question is, what do we ordinary folk do? If we go out, we’re gonna get robbed. My friend Lee got robbed last week at a carpark beside the PJ Hilton. He gave up his wallet and still got slashed on the neck for cooperating with his 3 robbers. Thank god he’s still alive and recuperating at home.

You think you’re safe at home? Tell that to the grandmas from Bahau and Kajang respectively, who got battered to death in their own homes. You think your wife and daughter are safe? I could go on and on but I think you’ve got the point by now.

So really, what do we do? Hide at home? Cannotlah, got bills to pay and have to earn money. Start educating them in the schools to be better people? Carry pepper sprays and look around carefully as we go about our business? Hire a bodyguard? Apply for a gun license? Carry a knife?

I don’t have the answers dude, but it would be really interesting to hear your opinion. Do you think I’m over reacting? Over dramatizing the issue? Do you think I’m right? Or do you think I’m an idiot who just like to bitch? Click on the “comment” icon to give your feedback.

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