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Monday, June 27, 2005

me kick um ur ass, box thingy... Posted by Hello
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The Spanker's back

Yo people,

It's taken 57 days, lots of trips to the pc shop, telephone calls, temper tantrums, threats, tears, a coupla "tiew leh loh mohs", spare parts from Taiwan before I plonked rm800 down and collected the bloody thing with a supposedly new motherboard, power switch and a coupla thingamajigs yesterday.

Of course it didn’t work when I booted up. No signal. Hi ho hi ho, back to shop we go...

They reformatted my hard drive. Which means I lost everything. Again. Luckily this time I had a more or less up-to-date backup disc and a loaded pendrive so I wasn't that worried. Yup, I've become paranoid about losing data and I'm the 1st to admit it.

Long story short, I still had to bloody install everything again, with many hours spent downloading shit I lost and reconfiguring setting. Sigh...

Now for the latest news. The magazine I edit, Pinch, has morphed into an online entity called smoovepinch in collaboration with Johan Nasir's smoove entertainment listings guide. Visit us at

It's a brilliant move for all parties concerned, as we're able to upload all the latest stuff within minutes of receiving it compared to the 3 week lead time for traditional print magazines. It's a great resource for the latest happenings in the klang valley as well as giveaways, contests, freebies, parties, samples, tickets, exclusive invites and such stuff.

I'm actually surprised that our hit counter averages 9000 hits a day which is pretty impressive even if I say so myself.

Yes, Arvind Pasricha is still the publisher who doesn't drink alcohol, smoke, bonk or wank. Bloody wasted if you ask me. How much milo and milk can you drink in a day?

We benefit tremendously from Johan's (or JD as we call him) background as a DJ and now technopreneur, a self confessed tech and financial geek who wouldn't dream of going to the loo without his Nokia communicator 9300 and Fujitsu laptop. Yup, both them doodads. Somehow the girls find him irresistible, too. I'll get him drunk one day and learn his dark secrets yet.

All our popular writers remain onboard and will have their own columns, and we're unearthing some exciting new ones as well so stay tuned for developments.

Come 1st July, I join a 115 year old established members' club as the general manager. I figure since I'm paying for my doctors' 22 year-old mistress' new BMW, I need some moolah to tide me over. Especially since the finance company has taken to calling my hand phone to remind me to pay up the installments promptly.

Lastly, to all those who wrote in during the dim dark silence, who predicted doom and gloom, who encouraged, who questioned, who scolded, who were impatient to read the spanking wanker's weekly blog, a sincere thank you. Whether sticks or stones or butter and cream, it shows you cared enough to write in, and there was enough mail to convince me that Spankin DA Monkey matters.

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