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Sunday, October 31, 2004

A very fat looking Dave, Mukhlis, Sopphilea (Mrs Roslan Aziz) and Roslan chatting at Synchrosound Studio.  Posted by Hello
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Roslan Aziz and Mukhlis Nor

The duo known as "Ali" have a secret up their sleeve, and I get to interview them for an exclusive in the November issue of Pinch magazine. My thanks to Dharanee Dharan for making the arrangements. In fact, I think I'll have a cup of tea and let Dharanee do the talking on this one by quoting his email, heheheh...

Brother Dave,

The world's best musical secret is our very own Malaysian Roslan Aziz, & guess what - he has the potential to be Malaysia's biggest musical export to the world. History has proven that a visionary is never accepted, welcomed or whatever in his own land and God forbid, I pray that we don't go harping around in the P Ramlee & Sudirman (God Bless their souls) syndrome.... cry & appreciate them when they are gone into the other world.

I know one thing for sure, if I had the funds, I would back him all the way, as I had said to him years back. Let's face it; it is easier to sell music compared to say, a car or any other product for that matter, to a global marketplace.

I sincerely believe Roslan is going to be all that I know God has blessed him to be, in his own good time.......

Let's face it. Roslan is Indeed the best kept musical secret on a global scale because a simple comparison of what he can do and what is being churned out globally, forget the Asian region. No one I know in this region can come close to the kind of ability Roslan has, & believe me, I know. There's no basis for comparison, period.

We know how “international” his music sounds... if only it was in English, with a talent like his he should be producing acts like Madonna, Sting, Phil Collins or any other artistes good enough to work with him. Mind you anyone who can take Sheila Majid or Zainal Abidin and turn them into the stars that they now are..... imagine what Roslan's ability would do to talents like Sting, or Paul Simon, for example.

I have always told Roslan, get out of here on the 1st opportunity you get & go to Los Angeles, there would be thousands of agents who will be dying to represent him and then once his talents are known.... I know that they will all be lining up for his services.....

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champagne, beautiful people, great ambience, excellent service in a 5 star location... Posted by Hello
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Finally I can tell you

Yeh, after a year and a half of negotiations with the top management of Pernas, Steve O'Connell, with a little help from yours truly, finally clinched the deal to take over the historically significant premises formerly known as the Tin Mine Discotheque, located at the lower lobby of the Mutiara Hotel, Malaysia's first disco which lasted an amazing 30 years.

We are currently renovating into a spanking new members club and expect to open in November in time for Christmas and New year. Expect to see lots of sofa seating, sheer fabric, soft mood lighting, an exclusive members area and a wifi hotspot for internet surfing, and lots and lots of themed nights and oh yeh, live music nights as well featuring our very own local talents. Of course, KL's personalities, celebrities and beautiful people will be there in full force.
Yum. Which reminds me - I need to lose weight, pronto. sigh...

I really can't tell you any more than that just yet but if you're like really curious, ensure you pick up the November and December issues of Pinch magazine for an exclusive "the making of Sugar Club" updates on the club.
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Sunday, October 24, 2004

men wish they could fade into the background when a woman starts crying... Posted by Hello
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Dave Avran digs into the alcoholic haze that is his memory and dispenses some sage advice to avoid a painful confrontation. Ouch.

A man cannot win an argument with a woman. Don't even bother trying. Sure you can win the battle but rest assured that you will lose the war. There is a double standard alive and well that clearly shouldn't be crossed.

Picture this - a woman stands in front of a judge and says that a man was threatening her, so she kicked his testicles in self-defense. Now picture a man in front of the same judge saying he felt threatened by a woman so he pushed her (no physical injury inflicted). Which person do you think has the best chance to walk out the door with no charges filed against them?

Etiquette supports this ... really! Even though paternalism is now considered a dirty word in our politically correct society, if I see an argument between a woman and a man I will immediately think that the man looks like an a$$hole. Especially if she is crying uncontrollably. I can't help it; it is somehow hardwired into my brain.

If a woman inflicts an injustice on you, don't argue. If she wants to draw you into an argument, don't waste your time. It's really important to stay cool and let the other person rant and rave. After they have cooled off, acknowledge their right to their point of view and calmly point out your side of the argument.

Your testicles will thank you profusely and so will your future generations. Believe me, I’ve been there and that’s the reason for my exalted position as falsetto in the church choir.

Men have more problems than women. In the first place, they have to put up with women” - Francoise Sagan
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

yes, I'm feeling better thank you. everything's working fine, including the bonker. *big grin* :) Posted by Hello
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About time for some good news on this blog

Yeh, its about time for some good news on this blog. My buddy Dharanee bought me lunch earlier today and bounced some great ideas he has for the music industry. Yup, the same Dharanee who used to manage the late Sudirman. Now if you wanna talk about potential, Dharanee's the cat's meow. He's very savvy, straight and most importantly, he's sincere.

Why he's been sitting on his ass for so long only he will know, but watch out for some really exciting things to come real soon in the entertainment industry. Dharanee's outlook on life is so positive that he practically forced me into a positive mood myself compared to my normally hardbitten journalist been there done that seen it all pessimistic attitude. So Dharanee brother, you're directly responsible for me actually posting good news on my blog for the first time.

More good news. Another good friend has acquired the lease to a landmark club as far as the disco era is concerned, located in a 5 star hotel. Renovations begin soon for an exclusive members club. All I can tell you at the moment is that if you place importance on excellent service, a good and safe ambience, enjoy wine, cocktails and champagne, cool music and rubbing shoulders with beautiful yummy people, lots of theme nights - you'll be right at home. You might have difficulty getting in though.

Pinch magazine, which I joined as Associate Editor 2 months ago is improving with every issue (we're at issue 8 now) and we're getting a lot of positive reader response and feedback, as well as many young writers offering to contribute. We give the magazine out for free and could use some advertising so if you have any leads please send it my way and we'll give you 30% commission. At RM1500 a page that's a cool RM450 in your pocket. Here's a link to check out the website

To cap off the good news blitz, I've saved the best for last. My condition has improved. A lot. From being stiff-fingered (get your filthy minds out of the gutter) I can now bend the fingers of my left hand all the way back towards my palm. My right hand is almost as good. I don't know if it's the steroids or a Christian healer from Kerala, India, whom I've been visiting regularly for healing sessions but I'm grateful all the same. I have a sneaky feeing its the healer who's done the job.

So there. I can write about good things.
Hoooooooowwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllll. Halloween's coming. So's Octoberfest. *Burp*
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