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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Roslan Aziz and Mukhlis Nor

The duo known as "Ali" have a secret up their sleeve, and I get to interview them for an exclusive in the November issue of Pinch magazine. My thanks to Dharanee Dharan for making the arrangements. In fact, I think I'll have a cup of tea and let Dharanee do the talking on this one by quoting his email, heheheh...

Brother Dave,

The world's best musical secret is our very own Malaysian Roslan Aziz, & guess what - he has the potential to be Malaysia's biggest musical export to the world. History has proven that a visionary is never accepted, welcomed or whatever in his own land and God forbid, I pray that we don't go harping around in the P Ramlee & Sudirman (God Bless their souls) syndrome.... cry & appreciate them when they are gone into the other world.

I know one thing for sure, if I had the funds, I would back him all the way, as I had said to him years back. Let's face it; it is easier to sell music compared to say, a car or any other product for that matter, to a global marketplace.

I sincerely believe Roslan is going to be all that I know God has blessed him to be, in his own good time.......

Let's face it. Roslan is Indeed the best kept musical secret on a global scale because a simple comparison of what he can do and what is being churned out globally, forget the Asian region. No one I know in this region can come close to the kind of ability Roslan has, & believe me, I know. There's no basis for comparison, period.

We know how “international” his music sounds... if only it was in English, with a talent like his he should be producing acts like Madonna, Sting, Phil Collins or any other artistes good enough to work with him. Mind you anyone who can take Sheila Majid or Zainal Abidin and turn them into the stars that they now are..... imagine what Roslan's ability would do to talents like Sting, or Paul Simon, for example.

I have always told Roslan, get out of here on the 1st opportunity you get & go to Los Angeles, there would be thousands of agents who will be dying to represent him and then once his talents are known.... I know that they will all be lining up for his services.....

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