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Friday, May 28, 2004


The Royal Malaysian Police are fond of counseling the public on various issues. Replicated here are some recent excerpts from the nation’s leading newspaper.

The snatch thieves struck from behind, pulling Chin Wai Fun’s handbag…
The advice: “SAC 1 Garni Wahab advised the public, especially women, to be
careful and alert when walking alone. Try to walk in pairs.”

Tan Har Moi, 63, was cheated of her life savings of RM6900 by 2 conmen promising to sell her a “magic stone” that would cure her tuberculosis…
The advice: “CPO Dato’ Hardly Ho advised the public, especially lonely sick old women, to be careful of tricksters and conmen who offer to sell cure-all “magic stones”.

K Kandaselvam, 43, was robbed for the second time as he walked home…
The advice: “ASP Shoot Tukill advised the public, especially 43 year-old men of ethnic Indian origin, to be aware of their surroundings and be careful when walking home. Try to walk in pairs.”

The 16-year-old girl was raped repeatedly and forced to perform oral sex …
The advice: "Serious Crimes Division Chief Miang Betul advised the public,especially young girls, not to accept lifts from strangers. He also advised them not to get on board any vehicle if they did not know the driver. This includes LRTs, buses and taxis. Also, don’t forget to spit if you’re forced to perform oral
sex,it’s not hygienic and you might catch a disease.”

The robbers, believed to be nationals of a neighbouring country, gained entry by forcing the back door…
The advice: “Senior Investigating Officer Rompak Sapu advised the public,especially families, not to leave their houses unattended. Get a maid.” He went on to say “but don’t abuse your maid or we’ll be forced to come after you.”

In a fit of anger, the driver of the four-wheel drive alighted carrying a baseball bat…
The advice: “Traffic Police Chief Mat Laju advised the public, especially car drivers, to be patient and courteous while driving. Do not take the law into your own hands. Leave that to my men. They are trained to take the law into their own hands.”

Duh…you get the picture…

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you DEFINATELY have talent for writing, i sincerely think so. fucking hell i couldn't write like that even if i wanted to. you should seriously think about a journal like book. sell it. make alot of money. repeat.

then divide takings by half. give one half to me for giving you the idea. haha. take care, see ur ass soon.

The situation is quite worrying. I don't feel save the moment I walk out from house anymore eventhough am not a young girl. Thanks for the info.

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