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Thursday, October 19, 2006

DA Monkey wishes you a warm and wonderful festival of lights, eid mubarak, salam aidilfitri & maaf zahir & batin. drive responsibly, my children. Posted by Picasa
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

beware the devil in disguise Posted by Picasa
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What's Behind That Gift?

Do you analyze gifts that you receive? There may be ulterior motives behind the gift. Receiving an extraordinary gift means you'll have to ponder over what the other person is expecting in return. Accepting it may signal the wrong message and attract unwanted attention. However, if you get a crappy gift there's no need to analyze; he or she doesn't care much about you.

Take the time to fully analyze the meaning of your gift. The types of gifts men and women give each other are good indicators of what they think of them and the relationship. But before panicking over the Old Spice cologne you received, consider the length and seriousness of the relationship first.

Dr Peter Sozou, of UCL's Centre for Sciences and Experimental Biology, says:

"Gift-giving by males is a feature of human courtship and mating systems in a number of species. Females invest more resources than males in offspring and so must take care to pick the best partner possible, something that's not always easy to gauge from general cues such as appearance.

"In humans, a girl wants a guy who is attractive to her and will help raise their children. The worst pay-off, reproductively, is if she hooks up with an unattractive male who, literary, leaves her holding the baby.

"Guys are less likely to offer expensive gifts to females they don't have a long-term interest in. And girls won't be impressed by cheap gifts. By offering expensive but worthless gifts, such as dinners and theatre trips, the male pays no cost if the invitation isn't accepted. Girls that don't find a guy attractive are less likely to take up the invitation because it would mean spending time with a person they aren't interested in.

"In other species the deciding factors for a female is whether she's in a sexually receptive state and the male is in a good condition. Males offer gifts which may signal their condition. Those in a poor condition can't offer the same quality of gift."

The researchers constructed two versions of the game with different biological assumptions based on whether the male is involved with parental care.

Attractiveness is relevant to human courtship. Male condition and female receptiveness are the deciding factors in non-parental care species. In both cases these were represented as binary variables.

Factors in the game such as whether the male and female found each other attractive were given a probability and the possible outcomes of the interaction, either positive or negative for each player, were given scores to represent the consequences of their decisions.

Professor Robert Seymour, of UCL's Department of Mathematics, says:

"We assumed that a male's expected pay-off from mating with a female is positive. But it's greater if he finds her attractive, and then it's worth him staying around after mating - so we'd give it a high score.

"Conversely, if he finds her unattractive, his post mating pay-off is maximised by deserting, giving him a lower score.

"These scenarios are represented mathematically and analysed to find each player's best strategy."

They considered the 'fitness' consequences based on a single courtship encounter involving a male and female. Despite the different biological assumptions, the two models had the same underlying mathematical structure, with both yielding equilibrium solutions in which males predominantly offer costly but worthless gifts as a prelude to mating.

"Our analysis shows that there is evolutionary logic in men 'burning money' to impress the girl," added Professor Seymour.

If you have only been together for a few months, don't expect her to break the bank getting you a Rolex watch. A great gift should clearly reveal her intentions without being too personal. The gift should also demonstrate that there was some thought involved in making the purchase.

If you've been together for a year or more, don't expect to be surprised all the time. It's not easy coming up with imaginative gifts every year -- but they should still show careful consideration on the part of the giver.

In relationships, it's the little things that mean the most. Women generally concern themselves with little details more than men would care to think. So if your lady isn't going out of her way to get you the perfect gift, start looking for a substitute (kidding... I'm only kidding).

Tickets to see your favorite sports team: She pays attention to your needs.

A gift that encourages your favorite hobby: She encourages you to pursue what you enjoy most, and may even participate.

Race-car driving lessons: She wants to spice up your life with a little excitement.

A book off the bestseller list: She thinks you're an intellect.

Silver Cufflinks: A classy item that she knows you'd never buy on your own.

Sweater: Symbol of style and warmth; she cares about your appearance.

Opera/Ballet tickets: It's a present for herself (great idea for her gift next year!)

A picture frame featuring her face: "I love myself."

Ties: Very cliché.

Electric Razor: Boring and impersonal.

Tools: She has a fix-it project for you. Tools are great gifts for the handy man who always appreciates a set of new toys, otherwise, they'll just gather dust.

Pairs of white socks: She has no fashion sense and you are the last person on her shopping list.

Just because you didn't get the gift you wanted, it doesn't mean that your relationship is on the rocks, nor does it mean that your lady no longer loves you. Instead, you have to figure out how to coax your woman into buying you something from your 'hit list' for next year.

To avoid another disappointment, make more window-shopping dates and point out the things that you're dying for. This doesn't mean squashing her nose against the glass window, just be subtle and drop hints about the objects you like.

Don't be intimidated; tell her what your heart desires, she'll probably be grateful. If you're too timid to do it yourself, get a friend to drop hints on your behalf. Then, on the big day, you can act surprised, and she can pretend she thought of it herself.

Remember, you have to earn the gift first.
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

yes, we brush our teeth with Colgate Posted by Picasa
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Miss *Yawn* World 2006

How many of you caught the 56th Miss World Final 2006 live telecast last Sunday? I watched it and was bored to tears by the show’s sedentary pace. I guess the slew of reality shows available now will take its toll on shows that don’t upgrade, just like the demise of UK’s legendary Top of The Pops.

The Miss World Final should have been a dazzling event of epic proportions, as it is the World’s largest live annual TV event with global viewing figures topping two billion across nearly 200 countries. This year's finals offered the widest-ever participation of voters around the world via the Internet. Votes were also submitted in text messages from mobile phones.

The TV spectacular with 104 contestants was hosted by top Chinese TV presenter Angela Chow and British host Tim Vincent, joined by leading Polish TV presenter Grazyna Torbicka. The hosts’ dialogue was uninspired and stereotypical verbiage, with Angela answering her own questions – “How are you feeling? Good?” and Tim going on and on about how difficult it would be to choose one girl out of all the contestants.

During question and answer time, every contestant had both her arms on her hips, in the classic "want to quarrel" pose, making them look aggressie and unappealing. The choroegrapher should be shot dead for this.

The stage lighting sucked big time. It consisted of a wall of rectangles behind the stage which changed colours, and the unimaginative organizers kept it at neon pink, blue, a horrid combination of purple and green (which reminded me of Thaipusam) and gold for the finale. Frankly, even Moi could have done a better job with a couple of Martin lights and some Gobos.

The background music was insipid and utterly sleep inducing, rendering me almost comatose. I have never heard such a watered down version of Reggae as when the Caribbean contestants paraded. It must be the organizers’ idea of keeping the show “high class”. Musical entertainment came in the form of Irish band Westlife doing dull covers of “You Raised Me Up” and “The Rose” and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees singing a medley.

I love the Bee Gees, and have the highest respect for Robin, but he was out of tune, and without the famous three part harmony featuring the rising falsetto of Barry and the midrange of the late Maurice (may God bless his soul), it just wasn’t the Bee Gee sound at all. It was just Robin squeaking away. Please refrain from further solo performances, Robin, and salvage some dignity. Don’t embarass yourself and sully the Bee Gees’ memory. Oh yeah, pop opera quartet and El Divo wannabe Amici also performed. *Yawn*.

An international judging panel and global public vote picked six continental Miss Worlds. The judges were:

Julia Morley Miss World Organization Chairman and Chairman of the Judges
Aneta Kreglicka Poland’s only former Miss World, who held the title in 1989
Denise van Outen Actress and TV presenter known for her style and personality
Karan Johar Indian director known worldwide for his award winning movies and host of
“Koffee with Karan”
Dame Kelly Holmes Multi Olympic gold medallist and British heroine.
Krish Naidoo Miss World Organization International Ambassador
Louis Walsh Irish mastermind behind some of the world’s leading pop acts
Mike Dixon West End and Broadway award-winner musical director
Wilnelia Forsyth Puerto Rican Miss World and designer of the Miss World
beachwear range

Warsaw is only the second European capital (after London) to host the Miss World contest. The 104 finalists spent the past month touring the Eastern European country's cities, beaches and countryside.

In fact, the only bit of excitement came in a last minute twist, when the judges were unable to decide between contestants in the Asia Pacific continental group, so three girls instead of two from that group went through to the finals.

First runner-up was Joana Valentina Boitor, a 17-year-old from Romania while Australia's Sabrina Houssami, 20, was third.

Tatana Kucharova, an 18-year-old student from the Czech Republic, won the Miss World 2006 beauty contest. Wearing a long white dress, a teary Kucharova blew kisses to the 2,500 audience members in Warsaw's Congress Hall after she received her diamond crown from Miss World 2005, Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir of Iceland. Try pronouncing that three times in a row!

I hope the show learns from the current crop of reality series and undergoes a much needed revamp. All they have to do is look at Trump’s slick, glitzy and dazzling Miss Universe.

And yes, I think my MW beats all the contestants hands down anytime.
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